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Elon’s Encrypted

Dogecoin and many other meme coins have gained incredible fame thanks to some tweets from Elon Musk. However, some of his tweets seem to make no sense, which made Dogefather curious, it was then that Dogefather had to compare the text of these tweets “nonsense ” with a famous type of encryption known as Gematria.

First: what is gematria?

Gematria or gematria is a method of interpreting Hebrew names, words, and phrases based on assigning a numerical value to each character of the Hebrew alphabet.

Using gematria to decode Elon Musks’ tweets, Dogefather community discovered something that may be coincidental but surprising.

Some of the keywords and hashtags when Elon posts via Twitter seem to hold clues to the rising price of specific meme coins, as an example see our case study with SafeMoon.

Safemoon Case study

After an intense investigation, our team of professional cryptographers successfully cracked a secret message found on Elon Musks’ Twitter profile.

Elon calls himself the “Technoking”

Using Gematria, the alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to decode Elon Musks’ tweets, we can get more clarity on what he is trying to reveal to us.

and guess what happened 60 days later…

SafeMoon lowest price: 0.0000000012

SafeMoon highest price: 0.00001399

In the 60 days that SafeMoon has been around, it has seen a price increase of nearly 3,000%.

Those who decoded the message sent by Elon Musk were able to reap the benefits of one of the biggest bombshells the crypto space has ever seen!

Now it is your turn to crack the code.

Follow our twitter account for hints on how to crack our encoded tweets!

Twitter Account: @DogefatherECO

Prize Wallet: 3DP31ubWSzrh9TV9zVK9WoXreGBNvoGB96R 

Total prize: 10,000 $DCC and 10,000,000 $DGFTHR

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© 2021 Dodgefather Community. All rights reserved