Falcon 69 Launchpad

Falcon 69 is a digital assets platform that serves as a launchpad for memecoins and other micro-cap tokens.  The Dogefather launchpad will help memecoins rocket to Mars!

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Vote for Your Favorites

Projects will be launched according to their communities support and rewarded with Dogefather!

Falcon 69 Launchpad Dollars

Earn Rewards

Complete new projects or available tasks, and get rewarded by being an active community member!

Price of Dogecoin

Memecoin Liquidity Fundraising

Falcon 69 allows whitelisted addresses to participate for an allocation in listed projects.

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Grow your Community Token

Tokens launched with Falcon 69 will get exposure to thousands of new potential investors.

The Dogefather will help these tokens raise liquidity, enhance their community with marketing packages and active airdrops and contests.

Elon's Encoded Tweets

It’s nothing new to see Elon Musk speaking in code.

To speak in code means to speak in a secret language where one thing actually means another.

Our team came to realize that Elon tweets using “Gematria”, an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters.

The Dogefather has cracked the code.

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© 2021 Dodgefather Community. All rights reserved